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-Arise cancer, slut! – Abruptly ordered it and took a brilliant member of saliva from the mouth of the Lena.
-Do not … please … I’ll scream …
-Get up, I said, and lifted her skirt! – He swung. Frightened Lena quickly execute the command.
Rustam gladly Stooping Woman slapped on the buttocks.
-Wider feet … Luxury you Myslivtseva Ass!

Armenian queen. Plump white … – he said, quickly unpacking a condom and dressing it.
Lena’s breath away when a member went into oozing vagina.

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She closed her eyes tightly and moaned unusual sensations. She felt that Rustam pierces through it methodically and at that moment she forgot everything.
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At this point there was only sexual organ in it, which she passionately nasazhivalas, causing a lot of pleasant sensations.
Here, here comes an orgasm … Now. Lena tried to postpone it, but no. Did not happen. She did not even kept loud moans.

Suddenly, he heard laughter and fractional stamping of feet from top-stairs.
Lena barely had time to fasten the skirt as it tumbled to the drunken company of its neighbors.
-Oh, hi Lenka! My son was born today! Come celebrate. – Cheered from the joyous crowds and drunk guys.
Lena looked closely and learned neighbor avid football fan, who lived on the floor below.

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