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- You can also try to trace. This will require a lot of time. I will take a week at his own expense and the next.

But it can give nothing.
- What can we do?
Looking at Oksana Vadim, he said:
- Well, you can try it now … to promote a striptease.
- And …?
- Well … if it is with her husband and us undress … then …
I thought, and looked out the window. Oxana clasped hands Vadim neck, her head on his shoulder, eyes closed.

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Vadim whispered something in her ear, his hands have done all that we wanted. One crumpling ass wife, another was already under a topic.
- I do not know …

Looking again window Oleg said:
- Come on a bet that if she parted with clothes willingly, I won. If not, then you are. At the same time new and something about his wife may know.
- And what I bet? – Once I asked.
- On a case of vodka.

If you will not to make something, you can stop at any time. But, the argument will be lost.
I thought. And, perhaps under the influence of alcohol consumed and the desire to learn, unexpectedly for himself replied:
- Well, I agree. But only to cowards.
- Whatever you say. But only one condition – do not bother us.
- What does not interfere?

- You do not have to take our actions with Vadim.
- What do I do?
- Nothing sit and watch.

You can take a camera and record everything that will happen. That there were no disputes later.
I thought for a while.

But the desire to learn and a desire to see, contrary to common sense prevailed! Free webcamsex chatrandom.

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