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Gay roulette chat face to face cam. But no, the snow turned shallow, and the earth still stuck them on half an inch deeper.
Consciousness left.

And back in the hospital. Bright light shone through the window chamber window, causing squint. He lay on his stomach. In his hands were thrust dropper. On the back was pasted something, pulling the skin. Leg … It seemed she was never broken. Bruising only reminded of everything.

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Has finally come to himself, a few days later, he had no particular surprise, not arranging scenes of grief, met with people in uniform and told what he knew. Takeoff, twenty minutes of normal flight, shaking, falling … Bang.
It turned out that he was not one survived.

Some women in their fifties, was lucky I may say so, to depart from the seat to the side of the separated tail. As a result, forty percent body burns, severed arm to the elbow. And life … life that she will still live out after rehabilitation. Without the family.
Among the dead was his wife. Civil, but the wife. And her daughter.

The little man, for whom he lived. No native blood, but dearer all relatives. His favorite. Truly loved, and not as her mother – a purely nominal.

His biggest sin, and his greatest love. It all.
Monotone sick days … insipid hospital food. A playful flirtation with the young is not too pretty, but that seems so kind, nurses. A pat on the shoulder, head physician at discharge with the words “You’re not just born in a shirt, and apparently in a flak jacket …

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