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- Then let there be such.
- But they swell and can start infecting and then have to delete all – she explained.
- As a member and also – I asked.
- Yes, and even maybe more – she explained.
Of course, I was scared and agreed, but only at my house. Lena also after much persuasion, agreed, but on condition that if not, then it takes me to the hospital.

I agreed.
We sat still little one thinking about her and Lena suddenly asked me.
- Serge, do you mind if I finally jammed and more … not knowing what to say.
- What else – I asked.
- Well, I still want to step on your balls – she managed hesitantly and quietly.

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- Go as you like, still has to throw them out – I replied.
After a short pause, I waited for her to say to do, but he asked not waiting.
- Do I have to dig in the garden again.
- No, do not, do you remember in the winter in the house.

- Yes – I replied.
Dimka sitting and gloomy as it reluctantly entered into a dialogue with us.
- Dim, you can help us – asked him to Lena.
Dima got up and took the board already The washed and we entered the house. Lena has stuck me injections and I went near the threshold.

Dima Framed bar and put one edge of the board on the threshold, and the second timber on top of me. I pushed her eggs through the hole and was about to push the member, but Lena stopped me. Taking my balls in her hand, she pulled them and Dima has drawn them as close to the board, and then, tying a double knot, put the ends of the hole. I lay on the board and only lay my balls.

Lena got up and went into the slippers on them, stepping as usual. Gay webcam chatrooms.

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