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Analyzing their feelings, I realized that this is not the last time I will not mind to put his wife in a circle.

As usual, I prepared a platform for Railways, creating an auxiliary page and setting a public question on behalf of a young 28-year-old woman:
“Urgent! Caught pedophile, what to do?”
As usual, came to different answers.

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About an hour later to the auxiliary page letter arrived:
“How did you catch him?”
I looked at the letter’s author. It was a pretty blonde with a nice Ukrainian figure, legs, heels, ass and standard for Ukrainians freckles on her face.

I typed her response:
“I took another long test and I had to answer him”
“What kind of test?”
“On pedophilia. Answers was that he had sexual contact with children”
“Give it to me page”

I sent this link to a Ukrainian pretty own another page, where a minute there was a letter:
“So, you love children?”
“Who are you?”, I started to play the horror and fear
“What’s the difference? Answer the question!”
“Do you like girls?”
“Well, then, You got it!”
“I let my telefonchik”
“It would be worse, I do not care you calculated and you will already have mentovke truncheon without Vaseline, believe”
“Horror what”
“I’m serious do you think this is a joke? I’m not from the uncoupled”
“Do not be so”
“Tell me your name!”
“Name, middle name?”
“We should not, why did you?”
“I just talk to you!” Indian sex chat.

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