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- Your nipples will now ohrenevayu pain, bitch
- I do not care what you do to me
hoarse voice, she replied, although in my heart I knew that she was now afraid, and just trying not to show it, to my sister ashamed
Clutching nipples iron pliers, I slowly began to spin it, first one, then another, touching the tongue to the tip of the papilla.

-mmm, writhed Adela, gritting his teeth
- Do you like my dear bitch
ironically I asked, continuing to taunt nipples girls twisting their first clockwise, then against it.
It’s like I was in paradise, for me it was a great delight, even once jumping with a parachute, I felt such freedom, so much buzz as if torturing these bitches.

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Pushing on the chest, I put one touch Adel and threw back his shoulders, legs
Who will be hurt a little, well, it’s good for me …)
I said with a grin, and turning in the hands of pliers, I gave them a handle to the hole.
- What are you going to do with them
Brazilian panicked
- Only expand your pussy

I replied, already propihivaya gradually into
Boooolno, perestaaan
Screamed the girl, kicking and trying to get out like this pantry Torture)
- Shut up bitch

I shouted at her, slapping his hand on the knob with his face and a half, I began to decompress them, doubling the pain of the victim
- Ahhh
cried the girl, her face distorted, unbearable pain, she wanted to be free to teach and tormentor in this role just like I
- Maybe more …
not finish the sentence, I squeezed the pliers and slowly began to turn his hand
Realizing that I want the girl shook her head, letting me know that she did not agree with my actions Live online sex chat free.

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