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Malayalamonline video sex chat. Came to the rescue Ivan Stepanovich. He took Anna Ivanovna aside and that she then began to explain. She laughed and glanced in my direction.

What they told me was not heard and only a few words drifted up to me. That’s all I get fired tomorrow – I thought. Then another thought began to overcome – tomorrow the whole shop finds that the master caught me in such a dumb way.

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Cheeks and ears burned with shame and I began to slowly, step by step moves closer to the machines, so that at least hide them – I was recognized and meaning there was no escape. Soon they came to me and Ivan Stepanovich did not even bother to stop and walked past. On the machine is only sticking my head and part of the chest, then smeared than black when I was hiding under a rack.

- Why are you in such a way – asked Anna Ivanovna.
- Clothes soaked, so otmokla from oil and then wanted to wash – I replied.
- And why not at home? – She asked.

- In a hostel it is impossible, but not at home that go – I replied.
- Ivan Stepanovich told me all about and what you are helping him well, so that’s the last time and the first course, too, but that I’m more in a way never seen – warned me master.
- Well Anna Ivanovna, this will not happen again – I said lamely and continued to stand behind the machine.

- Well, what you stand, go get dressed, I have to talk to you – she said.
- I do not what – I replied.
- How exactly, I’ll give you spare a working form.
- She, too dirty and I both soaked – I explained.

She once gave me a look and a laugh, said. Malayalamonline video sex chat.

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