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Sample for October
sample for pioneers
and for all the fighters for peace …
His life was an example …
He was forever young …
Sailed ships -
the word “Lenin” aft …
Schools, factories,
cities across the country
Lenin’s name wore …
Studied the life of the leader …

About Chief verses taught …
Maybe not in vain? ..
…He walked up and pressed his
hot in my lips … oh!
I first kissed -
buzzed between the legs …
And somewhere we flew …
And the boys did not know …

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only he, the great Lenin,
watched from the wall,
witnessed how the Jura
kissed me on the lips …
incentive to squint
Chief of the portrait watched
as embraced me, boy,
Komsomol activist
unbuttoned my pants,
and they slid down …
It was inevitable? ..
No answer to the question …
Counselor gently hugged …
kissed me passionately …

and watched with a portrait of Lenin
leer connoisseur
as parted my knees
my counselor … and while
Vaseline smeared Jura
My tselochku, bent his
I have cancer, even Lenin,
seemed winked …

“Well, so what? – Other say. -
Lenin, too, man … ”
That’s exactly … Even if
difficult twentieth century
was connected inseparably
with his name, and he
“Most wise and beloved” -
latter-day Nero …
Herschel was shot each,
Leyba killed in Mexico … -
their lover, Vova Lenin
is still lying
in the mausoleum if the fig
homophobes of all time …

Ah yes, Lenin! .. Out of boredom
we never die! ..
Birthday in April
celebrated throughout the country
and did not know that Lenin -

I know about it himself
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