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Naked live random chat. Off to the side of the bus with two inscriptions on the sides of the TV, and on the roofs of busybodies shaggy bearded men with television equipment, sunbeams shoot him in the eye.
He threw up his hands, showing that not armed, slowly began to descend the stairs.

Heavy explosives clutched the edges hard to breathe, he screwed it too tight, but even now, just in case drew the stomach to not bring Allah did not notice excessive abdomen, so unusual for a lean and fit Arab murids.
From the gate, shouting into a megaphone:
- Hey, stop!
He raised his hands higher, spread his fingers.

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Two dozen machines looked him in the face, and yet, he knew a hundred rifles with optical sights watching his every step, he feels skin rays laser sights …
- I can not – he cried, – if I stop, I was shot in the back!
After a moment of confusion into a megaphone roared as if they have seen somewhere deaf warriors of Islam:
- Then go slower! We need you to consider.

You also hundreds of cameras shoot me, flashed his contempt. Hundreds Lens with Tele. You treat me even now in night vision …
On the forehead of a sudden perspiration, heart sank.

And suddenly, in the distance they determine that it explosive?
Trying to distract them, he pointed to the window of the building, made a mysterious gesture, let them think that he wanted to say, he did not know, but the gate is left with a dozen paces … nine … eight … six …

Need to get even closer, cast iron pillars, dug in, as did in the old days only, hinges on the gates of thick chains such as battleships would moor, and even aircraft carriers … Naked live random chat.

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