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Woke up about twelve hours.

Viewing room for cameras, I have not found any Alla nor Alina, they were in the bathroom. They both lay in the bath and sweet talking, sharing adventures yesterday.
- Well, where were you yesterday – said Alla.
- Well, first we went to a restaurant, then to the sauna with his friends, there were six people.

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Ali then called his wife, and he left, leaving me with them and telling them that they can have fun and I love to fuck, I was only on the sheet, we drank champagne, they paw my thighs ran his hands between her legs. Then they started to fuck on the table in all holes. Only in the morning gave my clothes and let me go home.

I hailed a cab, but the money I had, I said that I suck him. I’m all the way sucked his cock. Have you spent time as a girlfriend?
- Yes, about as well as you raped me all the crowd. How much sperm swallowed.
- Well, like it?
- Not the word. I feel concubine. And I like everything.
- Well, we’re whores.

Taking a bath robe and threw them down to the kitchen where they had dinner and went to the toilet Alla, Alina and sat on the couch and watched TV. Stopped Ravshan.
- Hostess we had all finished, go take the job.

Alina rose from the couch wearing slippers on his feet, and went over to the side Ravshan baths. Onlayin video chat.

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