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Oovoo chat c2c suchen online. After making a few sips of Coke, I felt a strange taste in language. Following this, I felt dizzy and …. What happened then, I do not remember.
When I woke up, she found herself lying on her back on a flat stone.

Stone was placed slightly at an angle and lay my head up. Head and my whole body, including the buttocks, were on the rough surface of the stone, and the legs bent at the knees, hanging on the sides and touch the ground. Arms and legs were separated the sides and attached to two bushes that grew on both sides of the stone. My mouth was tightly corked some cloth and call for help, I could not.

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And who would have heard me here … I crucified on this stone, it was completely open and completely helpless …
I do not know how long I lay on the stone. In anticipation of the unknown time dragged on too long. Whether from cold or fear, ran over the body trembling.

My heart was pounding when I heard footsteps behind me. Then, right away, heard that on the sand piled with rustling sound.
Turning my head, I saw a huge bunch of nettles.

Its stems, powerful and slender, just cut strewn lush foliage, causing a feeling of horror. I visited a terrible guess …
My thief standing next to nettles. It was a thin man, 60 years old, of medium height in large glasses from under which looked at me little prickly eyes. He was wearing a raincoat and boots, and his hands were leather gloves.

- Well, that woke up bitch? – The evil he said – I’ll teach you to run, by a pussy sparkle …
I tried to answer, I wanted to ask him to pity me, let go … Oovoo chat c2c suchen online.

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