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-No, no … Thank you all right. – Often hastily Lena.
-You tell me, if that. This animal has long been hanging out here … – growled burly customs-drilling look rapist.
-Maybe it popinat for prevention? – Offered another, unfamiliar with the distinct smell of alcohol and raised to the nose Rustam hefty scarred fist.
-No, no guys.

All is well, it’s a guy from my work. Congratulations on your son! – Lena turned the conversation, and then smiling Rustam took his arm and walked out of the entrance.
Walked in silence for a while.

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-Where are we going? – Asked Rustam.
Lena was silent and looked forward otstukivaya heels on the pavement.
-Sorry … Nakata, something … – guiltily he muttered, averting his eyes.
-Nakata? You raped me, you freak!
-Sorry … And thank you for me from these otmazatsya Gopnik.
-Eat health ghoul! – Lena said irritably.

Silently making a circle around the house, they again entered the porch.
-This is my home, and you where you’re going? – Lena coldly, pushing him
Rustam hesitated and hesitantly took her hand
-Len … Here is the deal …
-Statement will not write to you bastard. Do not be afraid.

-Do not call names. I’m not that … You’re finished, but I’m not. Do me a blowjob to swallow? Huh?
Lena choked with indignation.
-Fuck you, moron Cobra! Myself do it. – She gasped indignantly, and Rustam again fell to his knees and tearfully mumbled:
-Sweetheart, sweetheart … Oh, please … I swear I will not tell anyone …

-You stand in front of windows freak! Neighbors would see! – Hissed at him indignantly girl stepped back into the shadows. Ranbom lesbian chat without being a member.

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