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Major events occurred a week after the departure of her husband. On this day closer to the dinner aunt went with me to bathe in the river, on the way she met with his childhood friend, who joined us, but with her husband, and already on the shore of a small banquet was organized, which was joined by several other couples and villagers.

To tell the truth, what happened there, I was not interested, as swim and sunbathe with your friends a little village on the sidelines.
First when I drew attention to the feasting, aunt was already in a good drunk and laughed the loudest, while about her all the time spinning local Casanova Stepan. Gradually, a gaggle of adults began to disperse.

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When I again drew attention to the remaining drunks series, which thinned out, then my aunt among them was not, as Stepan.
This alarmed me, but my head had the idea that this is not casual. For their freedom, I was ready for anything and even blackmail, so immediately without giving mind your friends set out to find his nasty aunt.

I gently floated along the shore of the river, in the direction where the river began thickets of dense bush, where couples usually sheltered from prying eyes.
Soon I noticed among bushes flashed nudity. Aunt was still in a bathing suit, although hands Stepan already rummaged under her heats and her hand crumpling his penis sticking out from under the heats, while they passionately sucked.

Selecting a position that I could see better in the twenty meters from them, I began to observe. Rusia women chat sex.

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