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The car sped along the highway … Kate rode in silence – it was, as they say, VIP-girl … Luxury black hair tied in a ponytail, big green eyes, full lips, perfectly chiseled figure, and only light summer dress tucked in this beauty ….

It seemed that this evening was no different from others …. Rotate, Auto enters into private ownership … At the entrance they were met by a man, he was silent and only gestures showing where to go.
Stopping in front of the door, he tied Kate eyes, silk ribbon fell nicely to the body …

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She hesitantly took a step forward ….
The room is quiet …. plays soft music …. the smell of cigars …..
Hand touch … – Come on! – … Sounded soft male voice ….
Woman brought to something soft fingers slid up her thigh, lifting the dress over her head and taking off … Jerk! …

And panties flew to the side. Katya pierced fear, numbness … Press your palms on the back, the girl showed that it is necessary to bend over and lie on something, she hands groped thing and when he lay on his stomach, the arms and legs hanging down.

Silk cords wrap around Katya’s wrists, chaining it to the legs of the subject …. ankles, she felt the same, but only the legs were apart. Fear mastered it, trembling body beat, but at the same time she felt like a pussy it responds to moisture, such yet it never was …. all happened in complete silence.

Kate did not know how many people were in the room and this led her to even more excitement ….
Easy, gently touch the tongue over a gentle, silky buttocks caused her to lift her head, plump lips slightly parted …. Sex chateng.

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