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Sex chatface book onlien. When she went into the shower, I asked him: Do you want to fuck this bitch? . He looked at me dumbfounded.
-$ 200 per hour, I went on. -But there is one problem, this well trained bitch performs only my team, so I will attend.
The man took the money in silence.

The clock is ticking.
-Now I’ll bring her.
I put her on the neck collar, handcuffed behind his back handcuffed and led to it.
- Here’s your bitch for an hour, I pushed her to him.

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He sat on a chair like a statue, not knowing what to say and what to do.
I decided to help tore at her breast blouse and began to knead her breasts, slapping and twisting her nipples, she moaned.
- What are you doing?, Jumped-man s also hurt.

Immediately stop and take off her handcuffs!
Everything is clear, the man was not in the subject, and probably a fan of the traditional sex.
-Get out of here, I-ordered it. She went into the bedroom we stayed in the room.

-This girl, I explained to him does not enjoy traditional relationship with a man. For pleasure she needed adrenaline produced by the fear of punishment, everyone has his own way to treat and it should be respected, but not necessarily accept. If this is foreign to you, I’ll give you the money and go away, but if you never try it does not, and therefore never learn.

He stayed there. I called it to us.
- What would you like now?, Continuing the game-I asked him.
-Blowjob – if heard he squeezed out of himself, huddled in a chair.

-Suck-I snapped, and pushed her to her knees. She stood in front of him sitting on his knees, and began to swallow his cock. Sex chatface book onlien.

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