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But one day, one day, my life turned upside down in the camp. Day was appointed government, we have a rest in the senior squad put educators and counselors at more junior.

That’s me with my friend determined to children 9-10 years old. In this detachment was Olga Vladmirirovna counselor, she was 21. We met her and talked, I do not even what this and thought.

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The day passed, two, three, we said hello to her, sometimes talking. But one night during a disco, she invited me to her, I went not even thinking what will happen next. We sat in her room playing cards, laughing, talking, I felt quite relaxed, because he was a little drunk. Suddenly she stopped handing out and looked at me strangely, I do not understand, ask her why she did not continue.

But she put the card and began to unbutton her dress, it slept with her, she was sitting in front of me in a bra and panties. I looked at her, his head ran some strange thoughts, all mixed up, I felt like in my pants already standing at attention my dick, but I’m all dumbfounded and can not move. She looked and looked, and then asked:
- Have you ever had sex with girls?

I sat like an idiot and shook his head.
- And you want it – she kept asking.
I nodded.
-Then just relax and lie down I’ll do it myself – getting out of bed and knocking me to her, Olga said.

I lay down, all while continuing to understand nothing, everything was like a dream. Olya bent down and started to kiss me on the lips, neck, forehead, cheeks, took t-shirt, my excitement is driving me crazy, my cock was already tearing my swimming trunks, she went below kissing my chest, abdomen, shoulders, I loved it , took off my shorts with my swimming trunks. Www free online chatweb cam.

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