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- And to make too … – I was confused and my thoughts were confused.
- Tell me, Jen – who looked me straight in the eye – at least once in your life you could himself to confess their desires? Able to say to himself, despite the accepted norms, I want this and that? Think about it, Jen … When I think, come to visit. I’ll be glad to you. In any given night.

And Sofia flew out the door, easy and fast like a bird hummingbird.
The words of Sophie I thought all day. In the end, I would have lost nothing by going to her briefly, just to be able to talk … That’s just simply and directly, as we have said on the stairs today.

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In this there is nothing wrong and reprehensible. Especially because at any time I can get up and go to him.
With difficulty I waited for the evening. About 20 hours I heard the key in the keyhole next room turned. Sophie returned. And she was alone.
I jumped up to the mirror and tried to put himself in order, but his hands were shaking and did not obey. Excitement overwhelmed me.

Finally, gather strength, I went to the door of the neighboring room. I knocked on the door quietly, but it seemed to me that my whole house heard a knock. I anxiously looked around – the corridor was empty, the rooms could not hear any traffic.
The door opened without a squeak. Sophie stood on the threshold. She was charming. The same deep eyes, black hair untidy mop, light translucent robe.

She looked more tempting than ever.
- Finally decided to go? – Sophie ahead of my greeting. – Come on, I waited. Adult sex tezt chat.

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