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Babbelsex chat. And the orgasm is not long to wait. Orgasm was just awesome strength, all my muscles tightened and I have absolutely no control over themselves.
How it lasted I can not say. It seemed to me that an eternity before I was released.

I found myself lying on my back and Sergey and Artem standing on either side of my head jerked off on my face. Artem finished first, filling sperm my lips, nose, eyes and even ears. I did not try it opposes, and did not want to have to be honest. I did not have any strength. But I was happy.

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Sergey have preferred to finish in my mouth, but this time he did not have to stick deep in his throat, as if realizing my condition. He just finished my tongue, and I would gladly swallowed his semen. It is true then I had to lick his dick all over the entire length, as he was in the tracks of my turds. It was nasty, but not as much as I thought. And I did it.

Then the only thing I remember is that Sergei took me in his arms gently carried her to the bed and said,
- Goodnight Svetulya, and forgive us!
Then I fell into the arms of sleep.
That is now the beginning of my sexual life.

About what happened to me then as my sex life went on, I will try to write later. Well, who read my confession, want to communicate with me or to express my admiration then you are welcome, please contact us by e-mail. Adequately perceive my story please do not write.

Understand I do not need pity! I myself NO ochem not regret what happened! That mail atlantamodgmail guards that I fucked, already whistled when he saw me in a new way.

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