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The morning came. I woke up before dawn and all morning just prolaskalas Insanely.

Pussy is simply just that, a creek running from the unfinished caresses. From seven to eight I tormented myself as best I could, but at nine I was already assembled and ready to go. Mamma explained all that we with the girls in the class went to bat (he out of town) to sunbathe all day.
She was always there I was let go.

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I warned the girls. Five minutes to nine, I collected on the beach type, left the apartment and went down to the door Mashkina called first in a taxi (on the bus ride was just not an option), and then Maschke on mobile. Sleepy Masha said something unintelligible, I just realized that the “now.”

I had already removed the jeans, top and bra, which got on himself not without problems out of the house, remaining only in silver sandals with high heels. All things are cleaned up in a beach bag that I gave Maschke in exchange for a small small bundle with a dress.

Masha winking at me shut the door, and I was trembling with impatience hands unwrapped the bundle and laid platishko and panties (from the same material by the way, regular, non-thong). This tiny! Put to work, very much it was tight.
Pulling up to the waist and generally afraid that’s all!

A topic which is not the dress turned out :) Pulling it as hips realized with horror that it barely covers her ass. And build it as it should be, in the crease, with even more horrified to find that the edge of the priests was not covered at all. Broadcast webcam strangers.

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