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Pouring coffee, she took the newspaper and looked classifieds for jobs.
-not that it’s not that, it is necessary to look and a new apartment, but Barsik, look, look right now.
-Well, you see, has found, though at the other end of the city, but found now call.
Arrange an appointment, she went looking for work.

-found, you see who is looking for what will always find dialing phone number what that company.
Hello, I’m at the announcement about the job, but of course it is, will soon be well.

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An hour later, a few hours after returning home, putting shopping bags on the table, grabbed the cat swam with him, patted on the head says:
-Snow leopard idea I found a job, just need to be interviewed by my boss, said he is very strict, well, I hope I’m lucky, he will be gone for a week. I think that all get better soon.

Time passed slowly and quietly, Nastia moved to a new apartment across town, life was slow and measured.
It has been almost two weeks and the day came when it was necessary to meet future director, she is very nervous and worried, but at the same time was full of determination and confidence.

Sitting on the bus, she drove to the desired stop, going one block, she saw a large mirrored building, it was the same office, it was a huge oil company, because she was very lucky to get into such a structure was very hard.
She met a pretty young girl:
- you probably Nastya’s go for me, boss is waiting for you, just look at us, he is very strict and serious, with it at all difficult to negotiate and decide what is to him an approach is needed and few finds. Broadcast yourself webcam adult.

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