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Nevertheless, such a mishap occurred to me in 19 years.
Long I cursed the day with humor and was able to take it just six months later, no less ..
It all started very, very cool
Great day good weather.
Summer .. We walked to one dnyushke Man in an empty apartment big hangouts.

Yes. Apparently I went over Shes just in time to fuck in the bathroom with a guy is unknown to me (which is another birthday) was pretty painfully.
Well, it’s okay.

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Later in the afternoon
(And we began to celebrate almost 10 am) in our company already drunk joined unclear what that dude whose friend ..
The guy was just super creative and made a lot of fun and also spared no dough on the continuation of the banquet
At one point he laid eyes on me, and sat down
His charm and confidence I can say he just killed.

I opened my mouth laughing at his jokes and gags and allowed him to pinch me and paw
The moment came when I had to really diverge either home or somewhere else because banquet outlived its usefulness. Throughout the body and lay drunk butts and neighbors threatened to call the cops.

Cyril (that was his name) ear suggested I come to visit him a little sober
And relax without problems ..
I agreed without hesitation I just loved it.
Which as we piled gathered with him alone with no one saying goodbye and went by taxi to it.

He lived in markups across town.
Along the way I felt sick and ashamed to admit even vomited so I barely had time to jump out of the taxi. But here’s a T-shirt, I fancy a bit soiled and white jeans .. Chat online sex webcam android.

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