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Then we returned to the table and had a drink for the road to move his feet and staggered zasobiralis aunt home, they lived close to the good – in fact there were already rather drunk. My mom and I took them to a fork, where they again took me promise to look to visit them. I promised to go to every week, and my mother and I returned home.

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Fuck no longer wanted – both too tired, and alcohol did the trick. So we’re not saying a word went to bed and lit one. Though tired and wanted to sleep not yet. Mother said:
- Son, let’s agree that we now always sleep in the same bed, okay?
- Good.

Easily I agreed. I love you, Mom. And then I kissed her lips. Passionately. She reciprocated.
- I do, it seems, too. All right, let’s sleep.
- Reluctance, Mom. Let’s have another drink.
- Well you’re already drunk.

Vaughn, shakes all, barely came up to bed.
- Mom you promised you would not limit?
- I keep my word, pour too. Only then sleep.
I surprised myself – only the second day of drinking, and already my fourth glass of the evening, and no toilet urgency.

I poured we drank and I immediately passed out.
Since then, so my mother and live for 11 years. She drinks almost soundly, I too used to drink alcohol and has long been almost on par with my mom. Well sex for us has become commonplace. Start a girlfriend I’m not going, although such attempts were. Mothers are enough for me.

Stories like this can tell lots, so to be continued. Chat with pornstar on no payment.

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