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- Hey, but I almost did not know about you. For example … what’s your name?
- Theo.
- Listen, my ICQ number you have?
- This?
- Yes …
- So you knew me before I entered the door of my house, help us find my brothers.

- How?
- Bell’s brother – my friend. I saw her photos and realized that you – that’s the kind of girl that I’d like to have a real relationship.

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- But this is impossible.
- Why?
- I can not trust you, I do not know you.
- I brought you into their home. I introduced you to my parents. What more proof is needed?
- What about the other girls?
- Which?
- Former here before me.
- There was no one to you.

- So are you a virgin?
- Yes, and that surprises you?
- But I have not!
- I do not care.

- The fact that a few years ago I was raped. I have since I can not persuade myself to do with someone having sex.
- So, except in the case all these years, you did not have a man?
- Yes.
- So you, too, a virgin.

- What if your parents will require evidence?
- Then I’ll take the blame. I will say that we have already had sex.
- But I am much older than you.
- After a dozen years of age difference is not visible.
- You – impenetrable.

- I – a.
- So I do not get rid of you.
- Nope.
- Well, then, what you in for?
- And what?
- Remember, I owe you a kiss?

- Of course I do!
And he pododvinuvshis closer, grabbed me by the shoulders and put his lips to mine.
- ?
- I felt nothing.

- And so?
And he threw me on the bed and kissed my lips so that I almost choked. Wet and again absolutely no sensation. Suddenly I felt that he unbuttons my shirt, I winced and tried to pull away.

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