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I just melted …
I felt like he started to pull off my pajamas.

Not so fast. This is the first time I have.” – I whispered ..
“You will not?” – Without any surprise he asked me.
“Well … like …” – I zamyamlila.
“I’m sorry” – he kissed me. and went to sleep!
I was shocked!
In the morning everything was just like nothing happened.
Successful conference. We lived in different buildings. Therefore seen only at work sections.

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Afternoon – tour in the evening – general party.
The hour has come out. Back we went to the usual coupe.

Arrived at the station.
And I had a big bag. And I was thinking – to take or not to take a taxi. He said that he is ready to help …
Came to my home. He once bustled away. And already was 11 o’clock in the morning. But I said I will not let you go without tea.
While all set to heat up.

She went into the shower after road. Came out in a short robe. I saw how he was nervous.
Started drinking tea. “Well, why is it so indecisive” – I tormented. Anyone would have grabbed and tore … and here the cultural conversation …
So I think either “pan” or “disappeared.”

And if by chance pour on his shirt and jeans tea))))
Immediately send it to the bath …
Itself forward. He goes in the towel … says now disguise and leave, and then sat up. I suggest perenochivat me. to be honest it was not long soprativlyalsya. I suggest to watch TV. climb up on the couch, turn on the telly. climb up under the blanket – so how cold it was. and he was like an iron …

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