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- Well, and how? Interesting?

- Very – I smiled Oleg – especially when the money is paid.
- Come on, we change.
Chubby was already asleep, but the member was still a little nervous. Removing the pants, I purposely delayed to demonstrate their masculinity profitable farming.

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I did not escape from that Oleg’s eye appreciated my size. When I finished dress, Oleg quickly pulled jeans, clearly covering up their pants. But I still managed to confirm their assumptions. The small size of the penis and testicles are the same small hidden behind stylish swimming trunks, apparently bought his mama.

All evening I entertained Oleg stories about his work, remembering funny stories from the sexual life of my friends, patients, clearly excited him. He tried to lie down on the bed so that I could not see his erection.

I casually read him a lecture on sexual development of boys, a place in the life of young men masturbation, as well as about various embodiments of sexual cultures from antiquity to the present. In the end I stunned him the recognition that he like to have sex with both women and men. (Actually sex with women has been notably inferior to the number of sex with men, but Oleg’s about it I did not speak).

Please Oleg shocked speechless. Then he recovered the power of speech:
- So you blue ?
- No. I just like sex and those with others. I live more features. And believe me, it’s very nice. Sex with a man is not inferior sex with a woman. Understand, Oleg. That always, after ancient Greece and Rome, it was considered something dirty and low, in fact, just fabulous.

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