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I had many questions and no answers.
I sat naked in the reeds with overtensioned member and eggs and did not know how to get home – because clothing lying in my closet. I was seized by fright – after Dima did not know about it and I was sure that he was just in the evening will not come to me. If anything, he always knew where I could find.

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My parents I also did not go look, I often spent the night in the hayloft or Dimka, when we ran a long time on the street and so you do not wake the parents – because they get up early and work.
And in the morning they always wrote me a note – you need to do.

Sure, I could say that when bathed, then drowned clothing, and the wind blew it just from a boat, but how could I explain that my cock and balls were blue and then I remembered about them and quickly began to unravel. When all is removed, he saw that the term has become more blue – the color was just not even some blue and dark purple.

For this father would take me exactly then tore into the blood, and I had no choice as to spend the night or in the field, or at dusk to go into the garden and hide in a potato – but there might accidentally see me, and I walked in the middle of the line to our cornfield. There’s something I certainly nobody would ever find.
I settled on our couch made from corn and fell asleep naked and hungry.

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