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- Now I’m on the court – he said, and slipped out into the doorway of the tent.
While he was gone, I also threw the pants, sports jacket, and then, after a moment, and shirt.

My hero sweet whined in his tight shorts.
Zhenya back, trembling. His thin ruchenki seemed turned blue, and hips shook with shiver. Droplets of water rivulets flowed wet face kid.
- Rather, to me – I called a friend, tightly closing the entrance.
His cold body pressed to me, passing his trembling.

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Teeth boy tap dance. I wrapped it in his hands as he could, giving up heat, which has recently received from him.
As soon as the guy got warm, I fired the stronger your desire. Hands wandered through familiar places, and a member through the fabric clung to the body then Eugene, then to his pisyuna. Patience is running out. The same thing happened with my friend.

Finally, we both broke and sank into each other’s lips. Language Eugene easily handled the inside of my mouth and did not seem alien to me. Thus, as if it should be always.
We are increasingly inflamed, forgetting about the cold. Yes it was not cold.

Kissing each other, we gradually found themselves in the position 69, reveling in the feeling of unity. We have become one lustful creature. And it suited both.
- I want you – Zhenyok whispered, looking up from me. I did not mind.
Its assault proved, though tough, but so desirable! I kept my legs behind the knees and watched the efforts of Man.

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