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“How old is he?”
“Clearly. You do not give me a link to a page of this young man? ”
Almost immediately to my agent added Anna, but I specifically did not immediately become her add that no single cause is not suspected.
I waited a total of twenty minutes and answered

Who are you? ”
“How are you, Alex?”
“Yes it is normal! And what? ”
“Yes I am having a question for you, Sasha ..”
“I know you’re a lover of little girls”
“I like you girls are minors? I advise you now to tell the truth, it is in your interest ”
“In what sense?”
“In the truest. I know that you like girls who are under 16. ”

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And why did you have so many friends of young girls? ”
“Well, just! What is your business? ”
“My job? It is now your business! Now you have to turn, and do not to take for pedophilia. And you probably know that pedophiles in prison do? So you’d better tell the truth now.

Have you had sexual intercourse with a minor? ”
“You will hand me?”
“I think. It all depends on how sincere you are now going to respond ”
Lord! All gathered?

Train started! Let’s go!
“How old is she?”
“You live with my parents?”
“Parents know about this?”
“Of course not!”
“Clearly. Where do you live? ”
“In Moscow”
“Address what?”
“Why you?”
“I want to know.

Give me your address ”
“Everything. I report to the authorities wait! ”
“Okay. Do not! Str.

Dobrolyubova 25A, Block 2 ”
“Everything. Stay at home. Today, do not go anywhere ” Free sex chat greek.

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