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Free sex chat one by one. Then she remembered as the guy all the time climbed under the desk. So he peeped under my skirt – Christina thought.

The bell rang and class began to enter pupils scheduled this disciple who love to pry the teacher should be the last lesson. That came last lesson, the students began to come to class, the boy sat down at his desk and Christina start lesson fifteen minutes passed, the guy dropped his pen and reached for her, Christina folded her legs and continued the lesson, the guy got through two minutes.

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Then a couple more times climbed over a fallen pencil or pen. Kristina cross their legs or get up from the table entirely. The bell rang lesson with students began to collect their books and out of the classroom.
- Potygin Tarry for a few minutes – the guy said Christine. He sat back in his desk.

Out of class, all students, Christina locked the door and sat down at his desk.
- Well that’s all there Potygin considered – Christina asked sternly.
- I do not understand.
- Yes – Christina picked up a pen and threw it on the floor under the desk guy – Raise the handle.

Man, blushing, began to bend behind the handle and hole saw eye teacher.
- Once again I ask, where all considered – Christina got out from under the table and approached the guy – take all tell your parents.
- Parents do not have to – a frightened boy answered.
- And who has advised you to do so.

- Himself. I saw in the movie – even more blushing man replied.
- But you do realize that this is what I can not leave, and that this must somehow be addressed.

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