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After this incident Stepanych me did not appear. A few days later I called to her mistress and looked into his eyes, asked nothing without embarrassment.

- You yourself came to a head or persuaded Ivan Stepanovich – she asked sternly.
- No Anna Ivanovna, I specifically came up, too, and lost himself, and has prompted ? bandage, so that in the eye and have taken nothing. – I explained and tried to shield Stepanych.

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- So about your eyes you care, and if he do all crushed, then who is responsible for all will – again rude and she asked in a stern voice.
- No, I do – I replied.
- Sam climbed, he came and he crushed – what are you laughing at?

- Forgive Anna Ivanovna – I said, because I do not know what to say.
At the end of the day, she again came to me and asked.
- That you really do not care?
- I do not know, but I like it – I said as I realized what she meant.
- And what did you play?

- In dominoes and I quickly explained the essence.
- After all, I already told him that these games will bring up to no good, and he was itching to do it all – a little loud said Anna Ivanovna, and immediately broke off – blabbed.
I pretended not to hear and said nothing.

She raised two knuckles and looked at them, counting eyes white specks. I also took two and also counted.
- How many of you – I asked.
- Five said Anna Ivanovna and put the dice on the table.

- I have eleven – I put answering their bones.
- Six minutes of my – I lost – I said and smiled.
It also looked at the table, dominoes and then at me, and then looking round my clothes, asked.

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