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- Well now, I went to a stop – I said Misha.
- Marin, wait, I am now – he said, and immediately pulled out his penis into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later.
- I’ll walk you out – he said.
- Come on – I replied.
We walked in silence and only stop I asked him.
- That you did not have any pain?

- No – he replied.
- Why do you need it?
- Just really wanted to try – he replied.
- I hope that when I go, you’re not going to do it.
- No – Misha replied.

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Soon came the bus and I left. All the way I was on pins and needles. I covered unclear what that tremor and excitement and I drove from the station directly to the sister.

She still had the house and I called and told her to walk all. She, too, was shocked and could not understand why Mike put his penis so that his biting and eating a mouse.
Misha called three hours later, and maybe more.
- Well, how to get here – he asked.

- Yes, all right – I said into the phone.
- How about you?
- Everything is fine, too. I have fed the mouse when I got home.

There was a pause and I do not know what to say. Sveta also noticed it and picked it up. It is what it is with him still talking, and then turning off the phone, came to me and said.
- Do not worry, it’s okay, just a little mouse nibbled his penis and all.
- All – I asked.

- No, only the portion of the head – explained she asks, and she smiled.
Her well, she is not seen, but I will now dream night – I thought, and we returned home. I stayed with my sister to sleep and slept quite soundly and saw in a dream not to happiness and not mice gnawed-off member, though terribly afraid of this Gamblers anonymous chat webcam.

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