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- Are not you afraid that I’m here and I will take you and crush everything he put his foot on my cock and pressed it to the grid. I was not really hurt, and I even felt what that strange and unknown to me before this wave of excitement.

- And you have it like an iron – replied surprised voice Stepanych and pressed harder. I did not say a word, and my heart was pounding like a machine gun. What was happening to me then, I do not know. ? weakened leg and relegating her to come to me at once, and a member of the eggs and slowly squeeze. I could not resist the flow of sperm resurfaced.

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Seeing this, Stepanovich said nothing and immediately took his foot. I continued to lie and wait what will happen next. All the abdomen throbbed and trembled. This to me has never been.

- Well that lying, get out, and then just crush and he again pressed his foot my cock and balls and then removed.
I pulled into the first member, and then the eggs and began to lift the lid. When got out, then Stepanych already not there. He left without saying goodbye. Perhaps this incident hurt him and he was uncomfortable, and I myself felt remorse at the moment.

However ? appeared on the second day and when we were alone, he asked me.
- And yesterday you did it hurt?
- So, a little bit. Member hardly felt, but the eggs were aching – I replied.
We sat at a table, drinking tea and chatting.

The conversations I do not remember exactly, so can Stepanych led conversation and I agreed, I can himself provoked and Stepanych caught my words. Japan random webcam chat.

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