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- Mmmm … I love the taste of Cum and ass. – Jill said, looking at him through the veil of her face sperm. She licked and sucked his dick, trying to swallow as much sperm.

Then she sat and slowly collecting sperm from the face and chest, turned to Paul:
- You know why I came today?
- I think, not to you fucked nephew. – Paul grinned.
- No, but I’m glad it happened. In fact, I expected that I vyebet your mother. – She said, smiling at the sight of his astonishment. – It was the idea of your cousin Tony.

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- Tony?
- You’re not the only one in our family who fuck your mother. – Jill said, licking his fingers sperm. – Let me tell you what happened in the last two days.
To be continued …

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