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Clarity for me could make only his phone. But his mobile was with him when he was taken.

So, I can not look at the names of his friends and possibly familiar women. So. Notebook. Where there may be a notebook? Aha! In another pocket I found a notebook. Small, with palm.

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Think there were phones? Whatever it! There were … poetry! Moreover, great poetry. I did not notice that sat an hour or two and the third in an uncomfortable position, not yet read the entire notebook. The earliest dated ten years earlier, the most recent were generally undated. Well, my brother’s handwriting! Chicken writes legibly! Probably why three o’clock sat! But I swear – not sorry.

Wonderful poetry. Think about love? Well, of course! And about what else?
In the midst of my search for my mother came into the room.

What are you doing, my daughter? – She asked suspiciously.
Yes brother asked him to find his papers, – I lied (oh, how ugly Received!).
Oh, okay – mom sighed. – You know exactly where to look?
Yes, Mom! All right! – I tried to close my back open suitcase.
Twins uchudili something again in college.

Go – I’ll go until valerian acts.
Last time my mother swallowed a sedative and hypnotic handfuls, but my brother is a little help. She has not asked for assistance in the supervision of them (these dildo!) Brother always was not home, I almost always.

And now I was at home, because I just … Lesbian sex chat live.

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