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There was a thud. My brother dropped his cup on the floor.
Began a series of pre-wedding nightmares. Well, like all other people that tell it was traditionally, as expected. Only instead of girlfriends, I had twins and my brother’s friend.

Working in a club where I was the only woman, I did not have time to get other girlfriends instead of Bell. And then, in a solemn moment when the sounds of the march, shining like a new penny, my brother took me by the arm and was going to take the altar, standing under the canopy of willows, instead of my gloved hand on his wrist that goes … handcuff. The wedding was disrupted. For what?

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Right in evening dress, seated in his police car and drove away. The guests were shocked. Theo aggrieved person led to the house of my mother sobbing. After standing, the guests have gone home.
We assume that the wedding has been postponed, – said soothingly priest, packing their belongings.

Quickly off his outfit with myself, which I so carefully packed, I took Theo, and we went to the police. Root uncle showed me the prosecutor’s decision about taking my brother in custody, and wrote me a summons to appear at a preliminary hearing.
Lack of explanation did not suit me.

I decided myself to find evidence of the innocence of my brother.
Releasing Theo, I went by taxi to the club. Inspection still sealed dressing room gave nothing, everything was in its place, and if something was suspicious, it was taken cops.
Elephant, that is head of security, already released, but he took sick and stayed at home.

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