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- Yes, it was nice – I replied briefly that he is not expecting.
- And if I asked you, would permit me to do it too? – Asked Vick and blushed.
- I do not mind, of course – and I said he was shocked by her question.

- You are awake now – she asked.
- Yes, I have nowhere else to hide – I replied.
Vick ran away, and I was alone. Inside something fluttering and tingling abdomen. This was comparable to the feeling of excitement, but my dick stiffened slightly.

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Perhaps the cold, and even though I did not feel, and possibly from what Vick said. I wandered through the line and thinking about words and said Vika much frightened when he heard a voice behind him.
- And here I am – she said cheerfully.
I shuddered and turned. Vick was all in the same physical shape and hand held package.

- It brought you something to eat – and she laid on the grass, some bread and vegetables and a few slices of sausage.
- And this is – and Vic blushed again. She pulled out a jar of earthworms and placed side by side.

- You d.Serezha not change your mind – she asked after him.
- No, I’m – I replied dozhevav sandwich.
Vick can of something and a little afraid, but she tried to keep me from a short distance. She stepped aside and invited me to lie on the dry leaves. I have scraped together a little more, so it was more comfortable and softer to lie. It turned out even better than I thought.

A thick layer of yellow leaves in a small ditch created view cozy couches. I lay down on the leaves and stretched.
- How to featherbed – I replied with a grin.

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