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Ali patted my wife’s ass and walked toward his car, sitting in it, he left. Girls brought myself up and put the kettle. Suddenly the doorbell rang, Alina opened the door.

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- I’m your neighbor from the cottage opposite – said an unknown girl – I ended salt, and in the city I do not go soon. Lend salt.
Alina missed neighbor room.

It was a brown-haired woman is not tall, with short hair and a very young and was pregnant, in a green robe and slippers in her hands she held a glass jar.
- Of course, borrow – said Alina and went into the kitchen.
- That’s good. How cute you are here. By the way my name is Lyuba.

- I’m Alina. This Alla.
- Very nice to meet you.
- And you do not want tea – my wife suggested.

- Oh do not give up – said a new neighbor.
Luba began to inspect the room and saw a flock of plaster dildos on an upturned bucket and licked her lips, it saw Alina.
- You, what kind of tea.
- And you can with cream if you can.

- Of course they can only be in the summer house. Now I’ll go get it.
Alina left the house and went to the baths. I saw how she went to the bath, there was, Troy Tajiks, and something began to speak, then sat on his knee, and began to unbutton his pants and they suck their members in turn.

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