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Having covered his hand shyly, she saw in front of Ivan Zotov, whose notebook it so casually tossed on the corner of the table.
Ivan smiled and shocked teacher, as if nothing had happened, sat on the edge of the extreme parties.

- And Ivan? – Stammering, teacher asked, feeling the paint has started to fill in the face. – W-what are you doing here?
- Yes, so – go, take pictures! – Ivan grinned.
Irina terribly embarrassed. And she remembered that she was sitting naked in front of a disciple. With trembling hands, she picked up her skirt to the floor. But Ivan’s voice stopped her.

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- Wait, Irina! – Exclaimed Ivan voice of Adolf Hitler. – I would like to make a couple more pictures! By the way, congratulations, you have passed the selection of models and go into the second round.
The teacher looked with horror at Ivan.

Dumb question stood in her eyes, and his hand fell limply by opening thirsty weasels, inflammation of the vagina. Ivan did not fail to take advantage of this and immediately clicked the camera. Following the outbreak of Irina jumped up and shaking hands began to pull her skirt. But the inexorable voice said.
- Well! Irina! I thought you were more than obliging.

- Why is that? – The all harried teacher.
- Silly question. – Again grinned student. – I already have two incriminating pictures. So you’re caught in flagrante delicto.

And stubborn in your position very silly. – After a pause, he added. – Besides, you like it, right? No limit free sex chat.

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