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Life goes on! (So far) …. And remember, only when you drink, you believe me – come to mind such thoughts, Omar Khayyam was right …. IN VINO VERITAS!!!
Remember the good, the good, the bad and the eternal will not disappear, no, it is falling by the wayside. Do not always need to notice it.

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Remember Ray Bradbury and the soul thaw …. Anya and Vanya – young couple in love. They met about 2 years ago and have not had time to mention young pozhenitsya.Vprochem implied Anya – 3rd year student.

And Ivan was all Ivan Sergeyevich. Dean. He taught higher mathematics.

Ana was 20, and Ivan S. 37. All classmates Ani very envied her, because she was a solid 5 on higher mathematics, which she actually knew 3.
Sexual life their lives were not very active. Potrahivat them about once a week.

Vanya has been married once. In his student days.
Anya virginity 2 years ago leshil her too it. During the exam, 5. Ana which was very much needed.

So it went with them. Anya liked sex. And a member of Vanya was normal size – 18 cm
One day they went together with Vanya in Sochi – the rest.

Train. At the next stop to them in the car filled up Ambalov 6 – 2 in their remaining in the compartment adjacent.
Anya was sitting in a short skirt and tank top with no bra.

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