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Private chat sex. My blockheads suffered them something to eat, because his wife was gone, and I – a rush order. And asked them all to sleep together in the hayloft. And to me that once my kids know them, then steal or vandalize they would not.

I did not know that they went out of the house, but it would have kept them before you came, – tried to justify uncle. We did what you could not blame – brother shook his head.
Well, – he said to me. – Do you think, where they now seek?

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I fear that in the forest, – I replied.
Some we will not go , – answered with a sigh brother, took the phone and started dialing. – Hello, this is – the police? … And more on the text that is usually said in such a situation.
Damn, damn, damn – cursed brother, when closed the phone.

-What happened?
- Promised to start looking tomorrow morning. Now what to do?
I saw that he was seriously angry, and coming close, her arms around his shoulders to a little quiet.
- God, sometimes I am ashamed – their relative.
- Nothing in all the great criminals were also brothers and sisters.
- What if they …
And then I saw real tears in his eyes at his brother.

I do not remember that he ever cried in front of me, with the exception of the sad event, when he cried, locked in our room, and I tried to talk to him through the door.
- Do not cry, you’re strong … man.
- What I’m a man – I can not even thrash brothers once carefully, afraid to offend my mother.

In the darkness, sleeping on the streets, their arms around each other’s shoulders, as drunken revelers or just a guy with a girl, we returned home. Private chat sex.

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