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Mother burned me a look:
- Do not you dare talk to my mother, puppy, – she gasped – or I will leave immediately!
I looked down:
-Forgive me, Mom .. Too much for me today fallen ..
-Be patient, son, – the mother said quietly, – you know that in our family relies eldest sons in the family?
I nodded eagerly, saying, yes I know .. And what is there not to know?

Crown relied County – as the heir of the family. Piece of land in the vicinity Olenich yes purse of gold – which was enough to house and rebuild, and the beast and make a good buy weapons, and most importantly – to get married .. In families that have suffered from want and could not give their offspring a worthy legacy – Crown County was the only help and hope to create a new strong strong family ..
- Your brother sold his crown flax, Cyrus .. – deaf mother murmured, – and made his father on account of debt .. And now the father will come back only some three months .. Yar did it before the campaign.

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I learned all about it when he was gone, along with his entourage.
This is required to digest. I do not know what to say to that.

In addition, his brother truly generous and a true son of that mother and father are really proud of him.
- Your brother sixteen winters, Cyrus .. And we do not have any extra money for it to marry him, and no matter what, to buy him a slave-concubine, son ..
- I realized moms .. And, here’s a young boy returns from a long voyage. His blood boils. He needed a woman. Yes, Mom?

And how are you now refuse him when, read it, he brought a sacrifice? Random free live video chat.

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