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I realized that it’s the middle of the night and slowly opened his eyes. She was on her knees next to my camp bed and slowly stroked his hand between my legs mound. So for me it was a shock, then my cock instead of having to get up – frightened stuck to the pubis. I continued to lie still and was convinced that the story was over, but I was wrong. Nastia was not going to go away.

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Instead, she began to slowly lower a little cowards. I was scared. Not dangling briefs to the end, she put her lips head of my cock and started sucking. I broke down and said,
-What are you doing?
-Nothing, nothing! Do not tell my dad! I’ve never seen a man’s penis and still so beautiful
I was flattered.
She asked quietly: Can I make you a blowjob?
“Are you crazy?

Me as your ancestors kill” – I replied.
-I know that you, too, for the first time, Sasha. I know how to do it. You budt nicely, and parents, I will not say anything.

-Okay, just quiet – I did a favor
Nastya grabbed my cock which stood directly in her mouth and started sucking it professionally.
I was so excited that finished in her mouth after 10-15 seconds. She swallowed every last drop and continued. After 3 minutes, I finished second time.

Obliznuvshis, she asked: Like it?
Yes, I replied.
Fuck me, pleading muttered Nastya.
You’re a virgin – slept!

Fear not, I have gum and virginity still lose my ever.
With these words, she climbed on me, after removing her wet panties. Sex chat strangers.

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