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Legs buckled and I wanted to continue to fall and already lying … But it ended. Phew. I caught my breath and stood normally released from the toilet guy stared at me and my wet shirt.
Came in, looked at herself in the mirror, “Oh, well I gave!

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I’m just crazy! “Removing the T-shirt, I hung it on the door handle. Including water, I gained full palm and poured water all over. Its small breasts with erect nipples excited and tummy. So did several times. Damn, there would be a shower :) ! Washed obtained almost all of myself, wherein when the soap, of course immediately excited.

Fingered nipples touched pussy. Mm-m, she was again against caresses and I immediately gave them to her.
Now I know how to test Mega orgasm! And I want to do it more often.

By the way even this morning I realized that I want to have like to diversify their usual affection, yesterday I learned what are sex toys and right now I could not wait to try something on me :) some dildo! So big! And thick!

Mm. Humidified pussy, I continued petting squatting, and after half a minute charter, perched right on the wet floor to the wall and legs apart continued their affection by presenting himself as now some fucking vibrator.
We had to call it a day already, I’ve been here obscenely long, but I could not stop, he stood before the eyes of Orgasm!

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