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- Well Svetsik! You also loved it!
At first I did not even know what to say, and then I seemed to burst
- Pashenka Yes dear, it was so beautiful! Thank you very much!
Pasha smiled again and said,
- Now I hope you will not have to hesitate?

- No, of course I do everything for you all will do what they wish!
- Well, that’s great! Svetsik Now, I want you to always and everywhere to listen to me, and never hesitated to that I had not asked!
Then the doorbell rang and I jumped up startled to find his shorts with panties.

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Pasha picked them up from the floor and gave me and said,
- Get dressed now, and I’ll open!
While I quickly dressed, I heard voices in the hallway. This Artem came to the manager.

I could only wear shorts and sit in a chair, the two of them walked into the room. Artem seems did not understand that we have with Pasha that something happened, and I calmed down a little and stop being nervous. Although whenever catching sight Pasha, then blushed involuntarily.

But then stopped and blush, and we quietly played manager. When it was time to go home until then Artem went to the toilet, I could say Paschke
- Light come on tomorrow before the parents leave
I replied to him with excitement
- Well, I will definitely come!

Long night I could not sleep all scrolled past day, and could not wait until morning, so I would like to repeat all over again and again to experience that magical feeling of orgasm. As soon as it was morning, I jumped out and ran to Paschke, I’m in such a hurry that even go to the toilet did not have time, but that I was not even thinking. Sex video chat no reg.

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