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But as soon as we both finished and collapsed on my aunt, and my dick a little limp literally swam out of the mixture and Cum sperm that was in her pussy, I was suddenly visited by a scary thought, I did not hesitate to voice:
- Damn, Val, and if will fly? We do without prezika fucked! – I though was not quite 14, but I no longer knew where babies come from and how quickly it can happen if you’re not careful.

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- Spokuha, Witek. – She said, and winked at me – I’m like you came yet another salad sliced pill adopted, everything is normal.
- Oh, and I’m also with mother fucked …
- For her, the more so do not be afraid, it is worth a spring.
I finally relieved.
- Aunts Val, it’s the …

Well, how would say.
- Yes mention as it is, e-mine.
- You give up your ass? Hesitantly I asked – And then I go with my mother gave yesterday, I loved, but I did not finish there. And your ass I really like it. She is so tightened – no unnecessary grams or centimeters.

Dick there and asks.
I blurted it all in one breath, still afraid that I will get at least a slap. But the reaction was exactly the opposite.

Val laughed heartily. And she laughed a long time, but I still could not understand why: Teen video chat for android.

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