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Trial of sexy chat free online. Then we all went to bed and podterlas time was the beginning of the sixth and could take a nap a couple of hours. I crawled under the blanket and curled up fast asleep. Awakened by an alarm clock.

We barely got up after a night of adventure. Legs ached from fatigue and what kind of weather to walk on his heels was very uncomfortable. I looked at Lena and saw her frequently blinking eyes and a sleepy look. What it did not want to discuss and returning after lunch, we again uvalami sleep.

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I woke up closer to eleven. Before lunch there was still an hour and a half. I got out of bed and dressed, went to the window. Snow was still going, but not so tight. Lena was still asleep. Hearing my shabarkanya, she opened her eyes and asked.
- Are you reconvened vylazit.

What time is it?
- Soon lunch – I replied.
She sat on the bed and looked in my direction.
- That still fells? – She asked.
- Not so much – I replied.
- Yes, yesterday was falling so poured.

I’m such a snowfall had not seen – said Lena surprised voice.
- I also – I said curtly.
- Well, we meet for lunch. Need to gain strength – is a cheerful voice said Lena and getting out of bed, went to wash.
Well, the room was both a shower and toilet and TV – you can not go out for days, if not hungry.

We went for lunch and returned to the room. I went to the window and continued to stare at the falling snow, leaning on the window sill and chin propped on his hands. It was so quiet and nice. The only pity was that day and I could not repeat his walk naked.

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