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Video vsex modeley chaturbate. First orient my brother and took the ring from there. With a little tremor in his hands he put the ring on the ring finger of his, now wife.
After that it was her turn and she coped with dignity. It seems we come to a logical conclusion. Now flowers, kisses, congratulations.

After the traditional skiing on Moscow’s traffic jams. First stop on the Sparrow Mountain. I stopped his car next to the limousine. From there, poured accompanying guests. It’s time to get acquainted with the guests. Turn came to this character. He offered me his hand.
- Sergei.

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- Alexander. I said.
Very soft, wet and cold hand. Like a frog held it in his hands. He was about thirty. Round, a little pale face, slightly pinched shoulders, protruding belly order. A tailored suit.

At such a figure hard to find something that would normally sit. Expensive but trampled overshoes. Small eyes with a little tightness and uncertainty running around. In short loose. Standing next to his wife. She obviously does not apply to him.

Just above him, burning black hair. Yesterday she was in the cabin, painted hair. Elongated fringe reached neatly plucked eyebrows crescent. Long eyelashes have played in the sun. Large black eyes. Outdoor view.

She looked at me with interest and continuing to look stretched out her hand.
- Marina.
- Very nice Alexander.
During this time I was able to look over it all and appreciate her hand.

Delicate skin, taut warm hand, neat manicure. She wore a black silk dress. Front painted a huge yellow rose.

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