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he went off somewhere for 5 minutes, I sat on a chair … he came in robe, I’m very surprised, because he’s not going to shower! ipodoshel he hugged me and I don `t know … what to do, sitting as a pillar and did not move, my heart pounding …

He stared at me and said he loved me … I was never alone … Sasha picked up and put me on my knees … I got up and decided to leave, but he ran after me and grabbed me as small toy and dragged me to my room, I said sash my home time! let go and tried to escape (I lived in a dorm), he pressed harder, and said that now it’s my house!

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then he offered to stay with him a long time I thought but agreed he showed me OUR! bedroom I said I was not ready for sex … he’s not listening to me began to undress …

I turned away, he turned me to face him, Sasha stood shorts, he wanted to take off my clothes, I began to resist … Webcam sex with strangers.

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