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Wicked sexchat. He bought the lot – champagne, beer, candy. Tanya loved that he behaved politely called girl-saleswoman on the “you”, say “please” and “thank you.” Immediately obvious – an intelligent person.

When he took the package, loaded and prepared to depart from the stall, she decided: “Excuse me, please: I was late for the bus: I was at home waiting. Maybe if you along the way, you will drive me to Chernovilki?” The man smiled broadly:
-No problem, sit down.
-Now, I only buy something
- Yes, I’ll wait, come to the car.

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Your luck Tanya decided to celebrate a half-liter jar of “gin and tonic” and 10 minutes later she already saw her enjoying a velor interior and quiet music. After a few sips of her Inclination to sleep and she dozed off.
Tanya woke up from silence. The machine does not move anywhere, and just stood there. Driver calmly smoking, sipping beer. Music was also turned off.

Behind the windows – solid darkness.
- And woke up. That’s good. Get out of the car.
- Where are we?
- In the p-de.

Get out, I said.
- But: but we did not come? Where are we?
- How do I know? I’m not local.

You fell asleep. I wanted to turn, I turned and drove twenty kilometers. Now I’m tired of you ride. So get out.
- And how I’ll get home?

- It does not bother me. Think peshochkom. By morning, just going. If you do not get lost, of course.

- Why would you do that? What have I done?
- It’s nothing. And do – going home after half an hour.

- What to do?
- Minetik beauty minetik. For all in fact must pay.

- But we did not agree! – Tanya immediately sobered. Wicked sexchat.

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