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5. At the beginning of the lesson 2 in the toilet stall.

There had to hurry. But still the extreme!
6. In the bed of my parents. Kinda withdrawal forbidden taboo.
7. In bed Zhenya’s sister.

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Sveta just a year younger than my friend. Her bed smelled of perfume and a girl. Zhenyok then told me that evening as it’s sister looked at him suspiciously. But the guy turned naive, and had passed.

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On that day, in the morning and went to bathe. In the hall were only three old men occupied themselves. We nakupalis in the pool, even where they did not come, and napar, improving the moment, off in full in the far shower stall. That day at school, of course, did not go.

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10. In the park we liked the tall oak. You looked up, and already three meters hides all foliage.

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